Video Advertising

Want to attract more customers for your business? We can help. 

With over a billion hours of YouTube watched every day, more than Netflix and Facebook combined, it is the ideal platform for reaching YOUR ideal customers.
YouTube campaigns reach them while they’re watching on their phones, computers and TVs. 

Our team knows how to leverage every tool that YouTube has available. We combine creativity, sophisticated audience targeting and nerdy machine learning to get results. 

Don’t have a video to use for an online ad? We’ve got you covered. 

Our team specializes in creating AFFORDABLE, original video ads designed just for your audience. So cross that off your list of reasons for skipping online advertising. 

Contact us today. And let us help find more customers for your business using video advertising.


A Proven Approach

Audience Optimization

Everybody’s different and has different interests. But with online audience metrics, businesses can connect with their customers in ways traditional media simply can’t.

Our team can help improve your brand recognition with audiences that want to engage with your brand, whether on their phones, computers or TV.

Video Production

No worries if you don’t have a video for your campaigns, we got you covered with our help to create an awesome ad that will catch your audience’s attention.

The key is to produce a video ad that is designed to work well on YouTube. After talking with our team you’ll be excited at how affordable an effective ad can be.


We’re all consuming our favourite content online these days, which makes it the ideal platform to retarget video ads to people who have checked out your website before.

Whether you’re dropping a new product, launching a new podcast, or doing a big Black Friday sale, we’ll find your website visitors while they’re watching the next viral video on the internet.

Client Success Stories

“This all sounds great”, you say, “but what do these videos look like, and are they right for my business?

We’ve helped clients in many different industries to grow their business using video advertising. Here are some examples, so that our work speaks for itself! 

VJ Shoes USA

VJ Shoes have a 40 year pedigree in Europe for elite trail-running athletes, but are relatively recent on the scene in North America. They have the best grip on the planet and are trusted by serious trail-runners.

Our job was to take footage from customers wearing the shoes, and put together an ad that introduces them to North America in a compelling way that will help sell more shoes.

Spearhead Brewing Company

An Ontario craft brewery, Spearhead needed to showcase their unique brews across the Province of Ontario to help drive point of sale purchase at the LCBO as well as increase consumer sales.

We’ve created myriad videos for the brewery to announce new beers, support offline purchase activity, drive new customer acquisition, and increase customer lifetime value.


The Kaotica Eyeball is a patented mobile studio booth that fits over your microphone, sets up in seconds, and transforms any space into a professional vocal recording studio.

Our job was to take footage from artists using the product, shoot extra video, and put it all together to drive sales.


In the Financial Expertise economy, influence is oxygen, and Proudmouth helps North American Financial Advisors thrive rather than suffocate.

Our job is to amplify their thought leadership and promote the entry points to the Proudmouth sales funnel via engaging and entertaining video advertising.

Cedarglen Living

As builders of some of the most luxurious multi-family condos in Calgary, Cedarglen Living to help present their homes to a wider audience across the country.

We work with the sales team to develop engaging video ads that showcase the properties and neighbourhoods to new buyers and investors in Alberta and throughout Canada.

Koven Lifestyle Real Estate

The #1 Royal LePage Real Estate team in Kingston, three years running, our job is to build the profile of the team amongst home buyers and sellers in the local area and beyond.

We help the Koven team get their message and value proposition across to the right people, at the right time. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Koven Lifestyle Real Estate
Adam Koven
Spearhead Brewing Company
Josh Hayter

Frequently Asked Questions

Video is a form of digital advertising that helps brands to promote their product or service on high-traffic platforms. It can also be used to raise brand awareness. This approach involves devising a video strategy, producing high-quality videos, and distributing them to the target audience.

Video marketing has become an essential tool for businesses as 86% of marketing experts use it in their campaigns. This comes as no surprise when you know that video consumption is constantly on the rise. Despite the abundance of video content, over half of the consumers still want to see more video ads from their favourite brands.  Also, don’t forget that YouTube has 2.1 billion active users, and many of those people use it as a search engine, instead of Google.

Video marketing has proven to be highly effective. The numbers are clear: 94% of marketers say that video has helped them improve their product’s understanding, and 86% say it has helped them generate leads, according to the Wyzowl Video Marketing Statistics Report for 2022. It’s no surprise given that so many people watch videos on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Although creating online videos can be more time-consuming at first, the benefits in attracting viewers and website visitors are well worth the initial effort.

We believe in building strong collaborative partnerships with each of our clients, and we customize our approach to maximize their budget. Our process is flexible, allowing us to adapt to the specific needs and goals of each project. Therefore, we prefer to discuss costs during the scoping conversation to ensure that we provide the best value to our clients, rather than offering a fixed pricing menu. Is your budget limited? We can help you get assets, format them, combine them, and make original ads designed just for your audience, at an extremely affordable price.

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